Enrique Barrios is a Senior Designer at Redscout, a brand strategy shop based in San Francisco. He has his BFA in Communication Design from Art Center College of Design, with honors.

Born in Juarez, Mexico and raised in El Paso, Texas. He's an illustration, designer, typographer, misfit, and inventor. After graduating, he and his other-half moved to the Bay Area where he currently works at Redscout.

Enrique's approach to design and art blends the raw sensibility of his time spent in Juarez, and El Paso, with the refined aesthetic that he cultivated at Art Center, from great mentors like Doyald Young, Lou Danziger, Clive Piercy, and Simon Johnston.

Outside of his 9-5, Enrique spends his time drawing, painting, or blogging about his vast vinyl collection in the hills of Sausalito. He shares a humble abode with his wife Annessa and their pooch, Wilson.


Great Discontent Magazine, "#The100DaysProject Mid-Way Feature"

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